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The Bond Effect
The science and art of living the way nature intended

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Geoff James Bond

Evolutionary Lifestyle Anthropologist


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Lecture tour southern California 

January 20 2019 to March 17 2019

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Home to: Geoff Bond's General Website

Geoff Bond is an Evolutionary Biologist, Author and International Speaker. He is an authority on living the way nature intended. By living in harmony with the way our bodies and minds are designed, we find vibrant mental and physical health.

  • National Speakers Association-trained, motivational speaker for specialized and general audiences

  • Medical and Health professional audiences a speciality.

  • Keynote speaker, lecturer and workshop trainer for business or corporate conference, meeting, retreat or seminar.

Geoff Bond is, uniquely, an evolutionary lifestyle anthropologist. He studies human origins and our ancient nutritional heritage. This new and ‘back to basics’ approach is recognized in advanced scientific circles as being the only way to understand how we should be living our lives. These insights, never been heard before, give the tools to making wise lifestyle choices in today’s world.

Geoff is one of a small breed of scientists bringing unique insights to human health. They peer back in time to see how nature forged both our bodies and our minds to live in a particular kind of way and then to describe how we don’t do it any more -- and why it matters. Many of our lifestyle habits, some of which we have been taught to think of as healthy, actually undermine our bodies’ ability to function properly causing illness and disease.

Geoff makes the point that "diseases of civilization" like cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, arthritis are optional. We can choose not to have them! Geoff then teaches how we can live our lives so as to avoid these diseases or, if we have them, to beat them back.

Geoff's controversial, tough-minded message contains an original yet fundamental approach to food, exercise, stress, living habits and health. It sparks the interest of your audience. It helps many people to live better, slimmer and longer.


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